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Importance of love and care in once life

Love and care is being in many forms. I like to share my thoughts on Love and care towards my perspective. Love can be defined as a phenomenon of showing or having a deep interest on anybody or anything else. The same wise care can be defined as utmost affection that a person keep on the thing or a person he loves.

Now a days we can see lots of couples are committed in the name of Love. I made a research why these people need a love and a care from a person who is totally a stranger and believing them as their life. To be honest I made this research after my love failure. Till the past decade, these types of symptoms are seen only in Colleges, offices and very rarely in schools. But most of the flash news and the news that are being viral on the social medias are the commitment of Love in the school life.

People who read this blog might be grumpy or even resent on this topic. But I kindly request your abeyance of paradox through out this blog. Parents of modern day children are both employed. They leave their home early in morning and returning late in evening. So, school children of 10 to 14 age are susceptible by these kinds of parents. And towards the parents they have the relief that we are serving their children the entire life and so they have to be prudential and perceive the traits.

My perspective is the things like traits, nuance, prudential shall be kept aside for few minutes of this blog. This blog can be a part of reconciliation to the parents who are in angst that their children are disdain. A rational suggestion to those types of parents, you are the posture to your offspring don't let your activities a provocation to your children. A negative posture of you can make a animosity in your offspring. This can even pave a path to a catastrophe. I need you people to feel the word catastrophe here, your offspring are your realm. Let them live with their own ideas, don't make them embrace your ideas.

Instead give them a profound love and care, which helps you in ameliorating them. It should not end in a conflict. Carve the life of your children with their own wish. Every thing has a value in this world, as most of the parents think that a professional education will help their Children to withstand in life. That is a complete hoax towards me. Every thing has a value in this world, every thing has a value if it meets the quality. Help your children to achieve a high quality in their wish and not by embracing your wish on them. This might be a vantage point for your children to understand what life is ??

Give your children a desperate and a tangible cognitive, more than that your utmost love and care. Behave in the manner so that your children shall not need a strangers care and love. Yes I agree each and every person must have a desired life partner. But 10 to 20 is not the age to choose it. 10 to 20 is the age where our children meet lots of fake people in life. If your child crosses this grit success will follow him otherwise he has to run behind the success which is a tedious part. Make them understand the advantages and the applications of forfeit and a ego-less life. A renowned author ART HORN in his book BEYOND EGO says self talk is the best remedy and a practice of life to avoid cheating by others.

  The age for which I am writing this blog might be the future leaders or even mentors, so the future world is the hands of the parents of the children who are between 10 to 20 of age. Pave their life a hassle free pavement. All his activities is a result of parents brought up. Think like this every fault made by your children is a result of your brought up. Bring up the children in the way that your brought up must not be a woe to others.

Its the parents who can't even imagine of a bad luck or even an encumbrance for their children. Even his best friend or even a blood relation can do!!


  1. An Awesome article to start your blogging Vivin, Hope it reaches more people to perceive them to carve their childrens. All the best young Rationalist...


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